Day 6 Food Reboot

Waking Up:  Went to bed at 11:00pm & got up at 5:30 due to gas (had to go #1 & #2) & right leg / buttock area of inflammation. Continuing to get gas & leakage throughout the morning.

Chiropractor: Arriving at 8:30am, I was able to do my full routine as usual.  The only hindrance was the bloating & right hip inflammation. Head alignment machine, Pettibon / Wobble Chair, neck & lower back / spine adjusted, neck alignment for 12 minutes, Head weights 2X per day (10 min. morning & evening) + Denny roll 1X in evening (20 min.)

Morning Physical Symptom Check:  My normal stiff lower & less mid-back (moderate stiffness), turning my head all the way to the left I feel it a bit sore.   Some inflammation on the left hip (I have to rotate it to feel it).  My right hip is getting worse and is now at a 5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 worst).  I have to get out of bed carefully or I will get a shooting pain.  It’ll be two weeks tomorrow since my last Enbrel shot (normally take 2X per week).  I’ll be taking it tomorrow.

Smoothie Recipe (Mango Goji Berry-Chocolate Green Smoothie Recipe)

•1 mango, peeled and pitted
•1 banana, peeled
•1 tablespoon of cacao powder
•¼ cup goji berries
•3 large Swiss chard leaves, chopped
•4 to 6 ounces of filtered water
• Bee Pollen (1 Tablespoon)

NOTE:  Cocoa powder has starch (11.5) in it.   Cacao powder is basically the same except it may be healthier as explained in this article.  However, the amount of powder is not much.  I’m not sure if the goji berries have starch.

Synopsis of Smoothie:  Good to start, but gets old quickly.  Add another 2oz of water to help out.  Makes 2 Glass-fulls.
Lunch Menu:  Leftovers of Cheezy Cannellonis (Refer Back to Day 5) + Cooked Spinach 
Cooked Spinach
  • Spinach (3 handfuls)
  • Sweet Onion (1/5)
  • Pepper, Spike Veggie (Salt Substitution), and Himalayan Salt

Dinner Menu: Eggs & Cooked Salad w/ Fruit


  • Fried Eggs (2)
  • Strawberries (4)
  • Blueberries (Handful)
  • Steamed Broccoli
  • Sunflower Sprouts (Handful)
  • Sweet Peppers (3)
  • Cooked Cherry Tomatoes (5)
  • Handful of Walnuts & Dried Cherries

Gas & Bloating Issue Temporary Solution

Today I did some research on gas & bloating.  I’ve decided to take my Konsyl morning & I will take Metamucil in the evening + mid-day and/or when bloating / gas is bad.  Although it seems to have done the trick, I still need to be careful & have my body adjust to all of this fiber.  I’ve been told that I’m not getting 3X the amount I normally did.  All this takes time and adjustment.

Right now with Konsyl I’m taking 12g (6g 2X/day) + Muccilloid  12g (6g 2X/day – acts as a laxative) per day.  According to the article at,  University of Michigan Health System reports says that a person with diarrhea needs 9 g to 30 g per day.   Although I don’t have full-blown diarrhea, I’m getting close to that.  So I need to take 1.5 – 2X the psyllium I normally take to compensate all the fiber.  Eventually I can see myself weening this down to typical levels.
The next issue is organic.  According to Dr. Mercola (, psyllium contains one of the highest pesticide levels.  Organic India is USDA organic ( ).  This is not as crucial due to the processing, carriage, storage, soil/water used, etc. for the psyllium.


Evening inflammation check:  Right thigh & right buttocks area with shooting pains when I twist to the left. Stiffness is mild in lower back.
Digestion:  Flatulence was was in full-effect all the way until I took the Metamucil in the afternoon.  The evening has been quieter & flared up only a few times.
Neck Issue Check (Evening):  Dull pain in the right area, but I’m able to fully function as normal.


  • Ivoneia Conceicao

    Know that your whispers for love have been heard by a heart that is gentle and kind. ~ M.P. Jones {…he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. ~Deut.31:8} ….

    keeping going ! 2 weeks until take Embrel, let to see how will be the next 2, I believe much better, because will be 2 full weeks on the new diet and also you know more about your digestion system

  • brianzajac

    I completely agree…just making a switch from one fiber supplement to another is already seeing results. Enbrel typically has a half-life of 4 days (why I need to take 2X/week). In theory, after the 4th day, I’m training my body to take care of this on it’s own.

  • Mom

    Take citrucel, it will relieve the gas, the other does not work for our systems.

    • brianzajac

      Thanks…I’ll remember that. I switched to Metamucil today and it’s improved my system greatly.