Autoimmune Tests

My Personal Lists of Autoimmune Tests

Out of all the autoimmune tests I took, the ones that focused on the root cause were the Cyrex, Metametrix, and comprehensive tests.  Click on the name of the test to see the company’s web page or click “SEE RESULTS” to see my autoimmune test results.

Cyrex Test Results – List of Reactive Foods

  • Cow’s Milk
  • Casein (Alpha & Beta) – Basically any dairy product.  Bye-bye butter, ice cream, etc.
  • Oats
  • Yeast
  • Coffee
  • Sesame
  • Buckwheat – Grain / Cereal (Test Update 6/13/13 – Normal Range)
  • Sorghum – from what I can tell initially, it can be used as a substitute for Gluten.  If you know more about this, please comment below.
  • Millet – cereal/grain used as a flour and in some beers.
  • Hemp – Grain / Cereal
  • Aramanth – Grain / Cereal
  • Quinoa – Grain / Cereal (Test Update 6/13/13 – Normal Range)
  • Tapioca – In breads & puddings / shakes.
  • Teff – Grain / Cereal
  • Eggs – SHOCKER!  I’ve eaten eggs almost every day for 15 years. (Test Update 6/13/13 – Normal Range)
  • Corn (Test Update 6/13/13 – Equivocal Range)

Cyrex Test – List of Acceptable Foods

  • Rye (Test Update 6/13/13 – Out of Range)
  • Barley (Test Update 6/13/13 – Out of Range)
  • Spelt (Test Update 6/13/13 – Out of Range)
  • Polish Wheat (Not readily available in U.S. & Out of Range 6/13/13)
  • Casomorphin (protein fragments in digestion of milk protein casein) (Test Update 6/13/13 – Out of Range)
  • Milk Butyrophilin – another milk protein (Test Update 6/13/13 – Out of Range)
  • Whey Protein – by-product of cheese (Test Update 6/13/13 – Out of Range)
  • Chocolate (Milk) (Test Update 6/13/13 – Out of Range)
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Potato
  • Buckwheat
  • Quinoa
  • Eggs
  • Millet

Personal Autoimmune Tests Based Off the Cyrex Test

  • I can eat rice, but I cannot have potatoes (maybe small amounts, but for now – no).  This is because of the gut / Klebsiella issue we all have with starches.  Rice is different because it’s a different type of starch.  UPDATE 2013:  My body has built up enough to accept potatoes (waxy potatoes are better).
  • Now that I know I can eat rice, I’ve been big into sushi.  Sometimes it’s been good, sometimes not…and I just found out today why – the sesame seeds.  If you look at the test, you’ll see I’m out of range – so the Cyrex test is right about that.
  • I’ve never liked the taste of coffee and the test shows I’m the most food intolerant with it.  So there’s no need to test.
  • Now let’s look at milk and dairy-based products.  You’ll see I can’t have cow’s milk (and in reality, nobody should drink cow’s milk due to the A1 casein issues).  So while it’s better to dodge dairy, I can have it because I’ve done initial tests with yogurt ice cream and I’m fine.  Why?  Check out the casomorphin, milk butyrophilin, and milk chocolate – they’re all byproducts / proteins made from various forms of dairy.  I would have never figured that out without the Cyrex test.  Test Update 6/13/13 – Out of Range on all of these.  Either they all work in your favor or they don’t.
  • As for bread, I don’t touch that with a 10-foot pole.  Look at all the grains I’m food intolerant with.  Top that off with starches feeding the Klebsiella and it’s twice the pain for me.