Autoimmune Diet Recipes

Autoimmune Diet Recipes I Recommend

Most of the autoimmune diet recipes shown below are low starch / no starch and free of eggs, dairy, and grains (complete food intolerant list).  Some recipes call for mayo; substitute an avocado and some olive oil.



Red and White Healthy Sauces and Example Meal

Red Sauce White Sauce

White Sauce in Healthy Meal

Romesco Sauce 
romesco sauce

Autoimmune Diet Recipes – Appetizers & Meals (Click Photo for Recipe)

Throughout my autoimmune diet, I have been a vegan, vegetarian, no / low starch diet, protein-heavy and back to a balanced diet.  The recipes below are a reflection on the time I was doing the diet and offer different meals for different diet types – all healthy.

Turkey Rice Soup with Grilled Fish Saladturkey soup and grilled fish salad

Bun-less Hamburger

Autoimmune Diet Dessert Recipes (Click Photo for Recipe)

How can a dessert be healthy?  In comparison to the typical desserts you buy at a restaurant or at the supermarket, you’ll find these recipes have whole ingredients and no preservatives.  If you are up to it, do a test sometime.  Try a few raw donut holes and in a couple days try a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  After eating, which feels better to your stomach?

Raw Key Lime Pie
Raw Key Lime Pie

Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
chocolate chip baked cookies

Raw Cookie Dough Bites
raw cookie dough

Lemon TreatsLemon Treats

Raw Donut Holes
Raw Donut Holes

Almond Butter Raw Brownie Sandwiches
Almond Butter Brownie Sandwiches