Day 22 to 6 Months – Week 8

Uniqueness of Week 8

  • Vitamin D Test:  Vitamin D is turning out to be one of the most essential vitamins you can take.  However, doctors typically don’t test for this.  The 25-hydroxy vitamin D test will tell you if you are in the correct range (35 – 55ng/ml).  Watch this video from Dr. Furhman to get more details:

My Health in Week 8

  • MANY Ups and Downs This Week:  Before heading to Jubilee Chiropractic on 3/7, my back and neck were very stiff.  On 3/7 & 3/8 I found out through Jubilee that my body was indeed locked.  After a massive amount of cracking (and they weren’t trying hard – the neck alone had 6 consecutive cracks in a row) and gentle rehab, I was doing much better (more range of motion, much less stiffness) a few hours later each day.  In fact, the evening of 3/8 I was feeling almost no pain (unheard of while not taking Enbrel).  After driving back to Venice on 3/9, pain was coming back and I was exhausted.  I took such a hard nap, I honestly couldn’t focus on anything for another hour.  In the evening, the stiffness and pain didn’t let up enough (I did go for a 20 minute walk), so I had to take a Naproxen.  On 3/10, my body crashed a bit + I went swimming to exercise and got two naps (3 hours total) to catch up on sleep.  In the evening took a Naproxen so I could go dancing.  Dealing with a pulled neck (more stiffness progressed) on 3/11 & 3/12 along with continued stiffness.  3/13 went to Joseph Family Chiropractic for nutrition info update & chiropractic work.  It’s helped the stiff neck, but still sore & stiff.  More info will be published in my next blog post.
  • The Gut Repair I and/or the Pyloricin recommended by Joseph Family Chiropractic continues to help my condition.
  • Enbrel:  It has been 3 1/2 weeks since my last shot
  • My lowest weight was 139 1/2lbs. and a BMI of 19.54.
  • I’m officially been on the diet for 2 months.