Leaky Gut Absorption Test and Explanation

The intestinal lining of the gut (stomach and intestines) serves two distinct functions: nutrient absorption and immune defense.  When it becomes altered (through poor diet, medications, parasites, toxins, and/or infections) the gastrointestinal system cannot distinguish what should be absorbed and what should not it develops leaky gut syndrome.  Common issues outside the gut are joint pain, eczema, psoriasis, hives, allergies, food sensitivities, fatigue, bloating/gas, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.  Detailed below is my leaky gut absorption test and explanation on how it all works.

Leaky Gut Absorption Diagram, Explanation and Solutions

Gut Absorption Process

As you absorb food, it heads down the digestive tract along with bacteria, antigens and other substances.  The villi pick up the nutrients from the undigested food and send them through the intestinal mucosa cells (3)  where they are processed through to the basement membrane and eventually head into the blood vessels.  The tight junctions (2) are made to hold the cells together and also redirect nutrients to the cells.

Leaky Gut Absorption Test, Problems and Supplement Solutions

According to Dr. Robynne Chutkan, MD shown on the Dr. Oz show, the main triggers of leaky gut syndrome are:

  • Food Allergy / Sensitivity (dairy, gluten/bread/wheat, nightshades, alcohol, and refined sugars)
  • Antibiotics
  • Excessive Use of NSAIDs (Aleve, Ibuprofen)
  • High Sugar Diet
  • Parasites

In the graphic above, you will see three major colored areas that need to be fixed.  The Cyrex Array 2 gut absorption test confirm (if the result is equivocal I have possible problems while out of range means I definitely have issues that need to be fixed).

(1) The lipopolysaccharides (LPS) are a layer of sludge / mucus left behind from bad bacteria.  To remove this layer, I will be taking the supplement Interfase.

(2) The Occludin/Zonulin is similar to plaque surrounding the tight junctions that hold the intestinal mucosa cells together.  Eventually these tight junctions break apart & allow improper nutrients to enter into the blood vessels.  To remove this plaque, I have already taken the Repairvite as part of my updated supplements post and Seacure.

(3) The Actomyosin – Depending on how your system is faring with LPS and Occludin/Zonulin, when the Actomyosin network is compromised, it allows antigens to enter your blood system undetected.  In my case, antibodies are against both the LPS & Occludin/Zonulin which allows penetration through the tight junctions and the intestinal mucosa cells.  If you look at the graphic above, the first intestinal mucosa cell is being compromised (transcellular) and the tight junctions between the 2nd and 3rd intestinal mucosa cell is being compromised (paracellular).  To understand the other Actomyosin scenarios, Cyrex Labs PDF on clinical significance. To repair the network and allow correct nutrients and block the antigens, I will be taking the supplement Seacure.

Food Replacements

  • Fermented foods / drinks such as Kombucha, sauerkraut and pickles (if you do not suffer from Candida overgrowth)
  • Water kefir / probiotic supplement
  • Omega-3 rich foods (Wild fish such as Sardines, Tuna and Salmon, walnuts and flax seed)
  • Glutamine powder

To learn more about leaky gut syndrome, please review this video from Cyrex Labs:

Leaky Gut Repair Review and Diary

From August – September I will be took supplements to heal my gut lining (Seacure and Interfase) along with other supplements prescribed by my autoimmune doctor.  Previous three week diary concentrated on fungal removal but the final (die-off) week I started the Seacure supplement.

REVIEW:  As you can see by the details in my diary below, my symptoms did not improve.  Although you may consider this treatment a failure, it could have helped with my root cause.  The only way I could tell is by retaking the Cyrex Array 2 gut absorption test.

The good news is that I am using a widely accepted medication called low dose Naltrexone and have seen much better improvement.  You can read my review and daily diary of Low Dose Naltrexone here.

8/8 – Bed at 11pm, up at 12:45am, then 5:30am.  Went back to bed from 8am – 9:15am and napped from 2:15pm – 3:15pm.  Morning wasn’t as good as 8/7 due to lack of sleep – stiff neck, body overall lethargic.  Took the pea protein supplement in the afternoon and flared me up until after dinner time.  Overall a day I’d glad that’s over.
8/9 – Bed at 10:15pm, up at 12:30, then 5:30; waking up many times in bed throughout the night.  Woke up with a stiff neck and body aches all over (but not as bad as the stiff neck).  Back to bed from 7:15am – 8:30am and then 12:45pm – 2pm.  Did feel progressively better throughout day and took a small walk in the evening along with a glass of Chardonnay.
8/10 – Bed at 10pm, up at 12:30am, then 5:45am getting up multiple times after 4am in the bed.  Slept from 7:30am – 8:15am, then 12:30pm – 3pm.  Inflammation changed from the stiff neck (still there, but not as prevalent) to right hip, inner upper-right thigh area with a pinched nerve.  I’ve been barely able to walk today and whenever I get up from sitting or sleeping, the leg feels locked and very hard to move once up.  While lying down and sitting need to be careful not to twist the leg or elevate it the wrong way.  These past few days have sucked.
8/11 – Bed at 11pm, up at 12:30 and then 5:45am.  At 12:30am, I couldn’t stand the pain any longer and took 1 ibuprofen to reduce some inflammation immediately (helped just enough to wake up a few times in bed & fall right back to sleep).  Right hip / shooting pains issue is still hanging around in the morning, but pains overall through the day are better.  However, I still cannot travel anywhere.  Napped from 7:30am – 9am, 12:30am – 2:15am, then 4-5:30am.  8/10 & 8/11 have required 11.5 hours of sleep each day.  In the evening had a glass of Chardonnay.
8/12 – Bed at 9:45pm, up at 11, then 2:30, then 3:45.  Got up at 6:30am with a headache, feeling weak, and stiff neck. Then took a nap from 9-10am and got up without the headache & energy better.  Took a nap from 1:15pm to 2:45pm with less neck stiffness and my energy levels are better than the past few days.  Right hip still hurts a bit more, but good enough for me to drive a short distance.  Before going to bed, 3:45am, before breakfast, and after breakfast my bowels evacuated and I have a feeling it’s due to removal of the ibuprofen.  It actually felt like my body rejected it.  The autoimmune doctor stated this is a normal side-effect of taking an NSAID / Ibuprofen.
8/13 – Bed at 10:15pm, up at 12am and 3am, and woke up at 6:30am.  Naps were from 8:45am – 9:30am and 1:15pm – 3:00pm.  Woke up to a stiff neck and pain in my right foot.  Foot pain mostly left throughout day but right hip is still not back to the “normal” state.
8/14 – Bed at 11:15pm, up at 2:30am and woke at 6:15am.  Napped from 8-9am and 12:45 – 2pm.  Stiff neck, right foot issues morning and mid-day with the typical overall stiffness.
8/15 – Bed at 11:15pm, up at 12:45, 4:15, and then finally up at 6:45am.  Napped from 9-10am and 1:30pm – 3pm.  Overall a bit better and pains are evenly distributed from the neck, shoulders, rib area (most of this is from lifting myself out of bed) and right hip.  And as usual it’s difficult to get in / out of any type of seat.  Although I see improvement each day I still feel like there is a weight on top of me and I’m slower since I started taking the increase in supplements.
8/16 – Bed at 10:15, up at 2:30, then 6am.  Napped from 7:30 – 8:30am and 1-3pm.  Morning with stiff neck, sore right foot, and overall achiness.  Was able to drive 1/2 hour back & forth to a destination although right hip was acting up 20 minutes into each part of the drive.  In the evening went to an event that I needed to sit for 2 1/2 hours.  The chair was comfortable so I was standing up about an hour or so in & then again 45 minutes later.
8/17 – Bed at 11:30pm, up at 2:30am and 7am with a stiff neck and stomach was sore. Napped from 9-10am & 3:15-4:45pm.  Had lunch with a friend & got groceries at Costco (20 minutes away) and was fine getting there.  Walking through Costco around 2pm started to get very tired and crashed at 3:15pm nap.  Cooked dinner & recuperated the rest of the day.  Had too many potato chips and gave me a mini flare-up (mostly felt weak).
8/18 – Bed at 11:30pm, up at 12:30am, then 3am, then up at 7am still feeling weak from the flare-up last night.  Napped from 8:30am – 9:30am and 2-3:45am.  Felt better after morning breakfast with nap & went to the pool for simple walking exercise (1st time in weeks I could do this).  Body overall achy but expected from the pool exercise.
8/19 – Bed at 10:30pm, up at 12pm, then 2:30am, then up at 7am.  Napped from 9:15am – 10:15am & 2-3:30pm.  Started off the day with a stiff neck, back & shoulders.  Throughout the day the stiff neck stayed along with it being very difficult to sit down and stay (especially on a harder chair).  I believe this pain is due to the pool exercises and not using parts of my leg / thigh muscles for weeks.
8/20 – Bed at 10:45pm, up at 3:15am then 6am.  Napped from 7:45am – 8:45am and 1-2:15pm.  Woke up with stiff neck, left leg hurting and difficult to sit anywhere.
8/21 – Bed at 10:15, up at 1:15am then 5:30am.  Napped from 7:45am – 8:45am and 1-2:15am.  Woke up with right foot hurting (bottom felt swollen), stiff neck and shoulders.  Stiff neck stayed around and seemed more acute than yesterday.  Got rid of the swelling temporarily with an Epson salt bath in hot water for my feet.
8/22 – Bed at 11pm, up at 1:30 then 5:30am.  Took naps from 8-9am and 2-3pm (barely slept).  Right foot continues to swell up and taking red meat (l-carnitine) to reduce the swelling as it has worked in the past (diary entry 6/23).  Also battled a stiff neck which the pain became more acute throughout the day and inflamed / sore shoulder areas.
8/23 – Bed at 10:45am, up at 12:30am, 3am, and then 7:15am.  Napped from 9:45am – 11am & 1:45pm – 3:15pm.  Easier to sleep with the swollen foot but got up more throughout the night.  Woke up with right hip hurting a bit and neck was looser than yesterday.  These past couple of weeks have been hard for me to leave the house and I’ve had friends help bring me groceries from the store.
8/24 – Bed at 11:30, up at 3:45am and then 7am.  Napped from 9 – 9:30am & 2:15 – 3:30pm.  Swollen foot has gone down enough and was able to travel to Whole Foods for groceries by myself.  Neck is continued to not be as rigid as a few days back but now starting to fight hips with shooting pains.  Driving, groceries plus cooking wiped me out by end of day.
8/25 – Bed at 10:30am, up at 1:15am and then 6:30am.  Napped from 8:30 – 9:15am + 1:15 – 4pm and noticed naps are continuing to be under an hour in the morning.  Daytime naps are based on how much I do through the day (traveling in the car, walking, carrying things in the house & cooking) + restrictions (shooting pains, swollen feet).  Fighting with the right hip & shooting pains today and general stiffness overall (if you haven’t guessed by now, general stiffness is everyday but I report the most significant pains for the day).
8/26 – Bed at 11:15pm, up at 1:15 then 6am.  Napped from 10-11am & 1:45 – 3pm.  Had to do a blood draw at 8:15am and fasted.  Very difficult to get in/out of neighbor’s car who drove me there.  Shooting pains mainly on right hip but left leg felt bad in the car.
8/27 – Bed at 11:30pm, up at 1:15am then 6:30am.  Slept from 12:45 – 2pm.  Started trying not to take naps in the morning as I don’t feel as enough energy loss to do so.  Right hip was still bad but decided to tread water with the Aqua Fitness Jogger for 10 minutes at 9:30am plus vacuumed in the evening time.  Both activities wiped me out by bedtime and got a stiffer neck after waking up from nap.
8/28 – Bed at 11pm, up at 12:30am then 5, and finally 8am.  Took a nap from 1-3pm.  Stiff neck (but less than yesterday), both hips with alternating shooting pains.  Getting in/out of chairs continues to make legs stiff / locked and more prone for shooting pains.  I can sit in “harder” chairs longer, but still dealing with stiffness when I get up.
8/29 – Bed at 10pm, up at 1am, then 5:30am.  Took naps from 8-9am & 12:30-3pm.  General stiffness everywhere and took a small walk at 6:30pm.  Doctor results from CMP blood work done reveal levels that have been the same and specifically safe with the liver.  That means the Clotrimazole & Nystatin I took for the fungal infection has not damaged my liver.  I still need assistance with driving around town but am stronger than earlier on in the week.
8/30 – Bed at 10:15, up at 11:30am, then 2:30am, then 6:30am and was exhausted in the morning.  Napped from 1-2:15am.  Friend came over in the morning to bake cookies that are safe within my dietary ingredients (my 1st cookie in two years!).  Afterwards received an energy healing (I’ve had 3 of these within the past two weeks).  While I have not found them to relieve my pain throughout the day, it calms me down during the session.  I also learn a few ways to refocus my mind on the positive instead of focusing on removing the negative.  Examples would be visualizing parts of my body working and not declaring the inflammation as “mine” but as “it” (allowing detachment).
8/31 – Bed at 10:15am, up at 12:30am, then 2am, then 6:30am.  Napped from 9-10am & 1:15 – 3:30pm.  Went to pool at 11:15am for 10 minutes floating / easy exercises.  Right hip shooting pains occurred in the beginning, but found exercises to work it correctly.  Back of ribs (under shoulders) still hurts due to washing clothes a few days ago along with lack of leg strength (shooting pains right leg) as usual throughout the past two weeks.  Today I ran out of Seacure so the only left is Interfase.
9/1 – Bed at 10pm, up at 2am then 6:30am.  Napped from 8:30 – 9:30am and 2-3:30pm.  Overall stiff & tired, but found a new way to stay in bed using a mason jar.
9/2 – Bed at 11:15pm, up a 2, the 6:15am.  Napped from 8:45 – 10am & 1:15 – 4pm.  My front chest / sternum was increasingly hurting the past two days from pulling myself up out of bed but today it’s in bad shape.  It’s also hard to move the shoulders more than usual and the whole body aches especially after the afternoon nap.
9/3 – Bed at 11:15pm, up at 2:15am, then 6am.  Napped from 5pm – 6:30pm.  Sternum, back sides / shoulder blades & legs hurting as usual.  Today I met with my Rheumatologist and picked up my low dose Naltrexone (4.5MG).  Had a big double-burger in late afternoon and my body felt better but it was a long day for me.  Later bathroom breaks reveal mucus and other issues of rejection.

Results from this point on due to taking 4.5MG of Low Dose Naltrexone along with finishing up the Interfase for leaky gut.  

9/4 – Bed at 10:15pm, woke up at 6:30am, napped from 9-10am and 1-2:30pm.  Woke up many times throughout the night (every 1/2 hr, 3/4 hr, 1 hr, 2 hrs mix).  Woke up with sore hips, legs, sternum, and shoulder blades.  I would have a rapid amount of dreams and thoughts throughout the night.  Since the Rheumatologist and disagreed on things and I spoke with my parents that evening, the dreams were a mix of the two.  Was able to cook dinner for friends in the evening along with fish & play chess after 8pm.  Losing weight and at my lowest of 117lbs.
9/5 – Bed at 10, up at 2am, then 7:30am.  Napped from 9-11:30am and 3:15-4:30pm.  And like yesterday, having many dreams and thoughts throughout the night along with my body jerking (and waking me up sometimes with shooting pains) whenever I had a dream involved with an quick action.  Had to take 3 bathroom breaks than my normal 1-2.  Woke up with sore spine, neck, shoulders, hips, and tired.  I slept 13 1/4 hours today.
9/6 – Bed at 10:15pm, up at 4:30am.  Stayed up until 6am and napped until 7:45am.  Afternoon nap from 1:15pm to 3:15pm.  Woke up stiff all over at 4:30am.  This was by far the worst sleep I’ve had in months.  Every 20-30 minutes I woke up with a shooting pain like someone was using an electric prod or taser on stun mode.  When I woke up at 7:45am, my right hip and neck were the biggest issues.  Did light swimming for 10 minutes at 11am.  During the afternoon nap, my mid section locked and back right / left ribs would send shooting pains if I moved.  Getting out of bed was not easy but was able to roll out of bed.  Today was my last day using GI-Synergy supplement.  Had some soup at 4:30am & contributed to 2.5lbs weight gain in the morning.
9/7 – Bed at 9:30, up at 6:30 waking up intermittently but going right back to bed.  Napped from 9:30am – 10:30am & 1-2:30pm.  Still up throughout the night but was half as bad as yesterday.  I also did not need to leave the bed to go to the restroom and will continue this trend with the mason jars (I think I do worse if I try to get up in the middle of the night).  As usuals woke up with neck, shoulder, legs / hip pain but not as bad as yesterday and I am finally starting to see some improvement! Throughout the day got weaker and my ribs / sides in the back area were sore and if twisted the wrong way would send shooting pains.  Sitting back in any chairs did not work.  Also hard to get out of bed in the afternoon because of those shooting pains (took me 20-30 minutes).  I was able to take a short walk at 6:30pm.
9/8 – Bed at 10pm, up at 5:30am waking up intermittently. Napped from 7:30am – 9:15am and 2:15 – 4:30pm.  Prior to morning nap I was weak with back rib area, neck, knees, legs, shoulders & hips hurting.  After on/off morning sleep, I felt better in most of these areas.  I was able to travel to two stores with help from my neighbor and getting in/out of the car was easier than last time.  Developed a headache after the afternoon nap all day and is dull in the late evening.  I am up to 121lbs. now.
9/9 – Bed at 10pm, up at 6am waking up intermittently.  Napped from 7:45 – 8:30am & 2-3:45pm.  Main pains of the day were the left leg / hip areas & knees.  I also became weak during my afternoon nap (I had the ceviche but am finding my body isn’t good enough to handle on it’s own) & in the evening.  Had a steak for dinner & felt better in the late evening.
9/10 – Bed at 10:45pm, up at 6:30am waking up intermittently.  Napped from 12pm – 2:30pm.  Left leg and shoulders again, but went to the pool for 10 minutes at 9:30am and did a short walk at 7pm.  I haven’t done both on the same day in months.  As the evening progressed, my right foot got puffy / inflamed again but went away after I woke up the next day.  Weight still decreasing and at 118lbs now.
9/11 – Bed at 10:30pm, up at 3:45am – 4:15am and 8am.  I was too uncomfortable to stay in bed and had to get up.  Better range of motion in the morning for my shoulders & some in the neck.  Pain still in left leg & hips, but better.  I’m at 118 1/2lbs today.  Took a walk at 7pm.
9/12 – Slept at 11:45pm (was in the bed by 10pm), up at 6am, napped from 8-10am and 1:15 – 2:45pm.  Usual hips and legs sore.  Right shoulder blade was predominantly sore throughout day along with left front rib in afternoon / evening.  I was able to pick up dishes in the morning without needing to lean with one arm.
9/13 – Bed at 10:30pm, up from 4:30am – 5am and then woke up 8:15am and napped from 3pm – 4:30pm.  General spinal / back stiffness along with left hip & leg.  Was able to finally do a half-moon pose in Yoga and was at the pool for 15 minutes at 10:15am.  Whole body was sore from afternoon to evening but went mostly away by next morning.  Developing diarrhea and lots of gas the last few days and have a feeling it’s due to my intestinal system rejecting the low-dose Naltrexone (but still works as it should with my mind / opioid receptors).  Still averaging 118 lbs.
9/14 – Bed at 10:30pm, up at 5:45. Napped from 8 – 9:30am and 2:15 – 4:15pm.  Still have the diarrhea / gas in the morning but much less as the afternoon progresses.  General stiffness all over along with hips / legs.  Travelled to three separate places today and did lots of walking along with carrying 8 jugs of spring water.  Needed afternoon nap, but was not exhausted.