Day 7 Food Reboot

Waking Up:  Went to bed at 11:30pm & got up at 6:00am with the right leg / buttock area of inflammation. Gas issues have subsided, but there was a bathroom incident this morning.  I’m hoping that will be the last one.

Chiropractor: Head weights 2X per day (10 min. each) + Denny roll 2X (20 min. each) – morning & evening.

Morning Physical Symptom Check:  My normal stiff lower & less mid-back (less than moderate stiffness), turning my head all the way to the left I feel a tiny bit sore.  I did get shooting pains from my right hip as I got out of bed.  But it subsided as I walked about a minuted. I took my Enbrel shot this morning (normally take 2X per week) & can feel congestion in my nose after I took it (quite mild, but noticeable).

Smoothie Recipe (Blueberry-Banana Smoothie Recipe)

•2 cups frozen blueberries – subbed 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup strawberries, & the rest in frozen blackberries & raspberries
•3 large bananas, peeled (I use 2)
•4 cups spinach, chopped
• Almond Butter (1 Tbsp) – I added to recipe
• Cinnamon (1 Teaspoon) – I added to recipe
•4 to 6 ounces of filtered water
• Bee Pollen (1 Tablespoon)

Synopsis of Smoothie:  Now that’s the stuff!  Hands down the BEST smoothie of the bunch.  Next time, try with 1 banana as it’s too sweet.  Makes 2 1/2 Glass-fulls.  After doing this for 7 days, I’ve noticed that my body only really wants around 1 1/2 Glass-fulls.  Maybe I’m drinking too fast or maybe I should just drink 1 1/2 Glass-fulls?

Lunch Menu:  Cooked + Raw Tomato & Balsamic Salad
  • Tomato Sauce Leftovers of Cheezy Cannellonis (Refer Back to Day 5)
  • Pineapple Slice
  • Cherry Tomatoes (2 handfuls)
  • Broccolli, Sweet Pepper & Tomato Sauce (look at 1st bullet point) cooked
  • Carrot (1)
  • Celery Stalk (2)
  • Kale (3 Leaves)
  • Swiss Chard (1 Leaf)
  • Sunflower Sprouts
  • Aged Balsamic Vinagrette
  • Dried Figs (2)
  • Walnuts (Handful)
  • Almonds (Handful)

Dinner Menu: Salmon with Broccoli & Asparagus (Watermark Grill)

  • Salmon Grilled
  • Asparagus (steamed)
  • Broccoli (steamed)
NOTE:  I forgot to take my digestive enzyme & HCL.  This is the 1st time I’ve missed that.

Gas & Bloating Issue 2nd Day Test

I now take Metamucil (instead of Konsyl) 1st thing in the morning & 1 hour before dinner.  If bloating continues at mid-day and/or when bloating / gas is bad, I will take another dosage.  However, it wasn’t bad today except for a few brief times.

Evening inflammation check:  Right thigh & right buttocks area with shooting pains when I twist to the left. Stiffness in lower back.
Digestion:  Much better than previous days.
Neck Issue Check (Evening):  Dull pain in the right area, but I’m able to fully function as normal.

At the end of the night I had to teach WordPress to a new client /  organization (WNOCC) at Whole Foods.  I wanted to pick up the Good Belly Big Shot but the distributor is all out.  I hope to find some tomorrow as I don’t want to skip any days on with my probiotics.