Day 22 to 6 Months – Week 4

Food Bought - Week 1 (Day 22 to 6 Months)

Uniqueness of Week

  • I’m finding that meat in my meals taste better whenever I use it as a topping or a smaller portion of the meal.  For example, I only ate half of the meat in the Ahi Tuna Dinner.  I found that the grilled sweet peppers tasted better.
  • On Saturday I went to the local farmer’s market in downtown and there were two produce sellers – neither one was USDA organic.  There is a guy who sells sprouts that are organic.
  • Also on Saturday I found the only USDA organic food market that’s between Sarasota and Naples – Choice’s Natural Market.  They are located at 737 Tamiami Tr. S., Venice, FL 34285.
  • Lowest weight of the week was 142lbs. and a BMI of 19.88 (2/14/12).

My Health in Week 4

  • Stiffness continues to dominate my life right now.  It prevents me from having a good sleep and makes me almost dread going to bed.  However, started the chiropractic & exercise routine on Thursday.
  • Started light Yoga on Sunday seems to have helped right from the start.  Since the Denny roll gives me some issues, I’m alternating my routine between Yoga & Chiropractic work in the mornings.  The hardest Yoga routines are the Sun Salutation (hard to bend over & touch my feet + flares up my right sacroilliatic joint / hip area) and the plank (not the routine as much as getting into the pose).
  • Lentils – I had my parents soup & realized there were lentils in them…bad idea as they contain a lot of starch.  When in doubt, just don’t eat any type of bean or lentil while on a No Starch Diet (NSD).

Notable Meals this Week

Taco Salad

  • Base is made of spinach.  Add lime juice, pepper & Himalayan salt
  • Then add in cut up zucchini, cilantro, carrots, white or red onion & red pepper.
  • Add in some ground beef (not too much, about a 1/4 cup) – this is totally optional as I didn’t see this add too much to the taste.
  • Top it all with mild salsa.  Watch out for any processed salsas that contain starches.
Synopsis of Meal:  The salsa made the meal.  I probably wouldn’t add in any meat as it’s fine without it.


Shrimp Fajitas at Chilis

  • 1/2 raw, 1/2 cooked alternative when going out. Make sure you ask the waitress if they carry anything raw besides the standard ingredient.  I asked and got carrots.
  • The taste, as expected was delicious and I would get it again.
  • The shrimp version is not part of the 2 for $20, but the chicken version is.  It’s a $1 more for steak.

Chicken Bruschetta Salad (Applebees)

Synopsis of Meal:  Chicken was dry, but the balsamic was good.  Make sure they sub out the bruschetta fried cheese – that’ll really amp up the inflammation.