doTERRA Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Autoimmune Disease

Why Do I Use doTERRA Aromatherapy Essential Oils for My Autoimmune Disease?

Everything created starts from basic elements.  For example, the Enbrel that I took for 9+ years is derived from Chinese hamster ovary cells to create a genetically engineered protein to suppress the autoimmune system.  The problem is the vast list of side effects when taking Enbrel or other medications.

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants and have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits (Example:  Frankincense was given to the baby Jesus from one of the 3 wise men when he was born).  doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils claim to have very little side effects.  For more information on how it all works, please watch their promo video below:

What doTERRA Essential Oils Do I Use for My Autoimmune Disease?

As recommended by a naturopath and their recommended website, here are the oils and methods I use:


doTERRA Oils & Supplements I Use

Morning & Evening Supplements Taken with Food

As with any supplement, take one type at a time and test for a minimum 4 days.

  • TerraZyme (1) – Enzymes to help with digestion.
  • Alpha CRS+ (2) – Helps immune function & inflammatory response to oxidative stress in cells.
  • xEOMEGA (2) – Similar to fish oils, it helps joint function, heart health, and brain function.
  • Microplex VM (2) – maintains the cells by supplying vitamins and minerals commonly missed in diets.
  • Zendocrine (1) – Suggested by my naturopath, it’s a detoxification supplement.  My heart raced & I received a flare-up when using.  I do not recommend.
  • Except for TerraZyme, these supplements are sold together as doTERRA’s Life Long Vitality Pack.

Oils and Methods

  •  With an empty vegetable (Size 0) capsule, I digest these oils together:
    • Ginger (2 drops) – anti-inflammatory to replace the Prednisone medication.
    • DigestZen (2 drops) – digestive blend to replace the Asacol HD.
    • Frankincense (4-6 drops, still testing) – anti-inflammatory to replace the Prednisone medication.
    • Peppermint (1 drop) – digestive blend to replace the Asacol HD.

    Lotus-DiffuserWith an aroma diffuser (photo on left), I use 2 drops each of these oils for aromatherapy:

    • Lavender – overall stress, use for daytime
    • Serenity – calming oil used before bedtime to induce a restful sleep
    • Lemon Grass – daytime oil for headaches and pain
    • Balance – Geared toward the central nervous system, this oil helps calm spikes in emotions.
    • Breathe – Use at the onset of cold, flu, and congestion.


Do doTERRA Oils Work for my Autoimmune Disease (Initial Review)?

Since the timing of this post, I have been using the above protocol for a month. Before I was on the oils, I tried getting off Prednisone and had multiple symptoms come back the next few days.  On 2/19 I tried again by not taking any Prednisone at night and the usual 1/2 pill (5mg) daytime.  While the first morning was difficult, I am now able to manage my symptom and pains without needing the Prednisone again at night.  The next test will be next week when I get off Prednisone completely and the final major test for these oils will probably be a month after my body is in remission.  At that time, I will stop using the oils & supplements to see if there is a difference.


Which Products Did I Buy? 

The naturopath suggested to start out with the natural solutions kit, but you need to sign up with a doTERRA representative to get it.   By purchasing the kit, you automatically become an “Independent Product Consultant” (IPC) and get discounts on doTERRA’s product lines.

Feel free to comment below on your experiences with doTERRA.