Looks like the chicken with my vegetarian chili did a number on me.  Tired, inflammed, & still have my pulled neck this morning.  Last night I had to fight the flatulence too.  Not too easy with company over.  Thank God for lighting the scented candle in the room.   In the morning I made my own type of smoothy with 2 fried eggs.  It included 2 (old) pieces of Kale, at least 3 handfuls of spinach, frozen berries (about ¼ – ½ a cup), big gob of almond butter (unsweetened), water, cinnamon, and a banana.  I don’t feel the inflammation as much and do feel full.  The shower & head weights / denny roll (used a rolled ice pack instead) help out too.Lunch consisted of some almonds, dried cherries & a smoothie.  The smoothie consisted of 3 bunches of spinach, 4 dried figs, yogurt, bee pollen, 3 sweet peppers, and an apple.

I had a variety of nuts in the afternoon – cashews, macadamia, walnuts, almonds, dried cherries, and dried cranberries.  I did notice some inflammation afterwards, so cashews or macadamia nuts might have done it.

Went to a raw foods class (taught by Julie, Bethany created the meal plan).  They made a fruit smoothie (too sweet, drank a sip), collard green wraps,  zucchini marinara, and avocado pudding.  Out of all the ingredients in all the dishes, flare ups could be from the cocoa powder (avocado pudding) or garlic (although I doubt it).  I also bought the items Jamie mentioned in her email and will finish my grocery list for the week at the farmer’s market tomorrow.  Cost for supplies around $110.

Doing the denny roll & getting out of the bed exacerbates the pain / inflammation in my right hip area.  I’m also 1 week exactly without Enbrel.