Nutritionist Meeting

Today was a bombardment of facts I knew very little about.  What I thought I was learning wasn’t good enough.  In essence, this was the “new” new of 100% healing.  I met with nutritionist Jamie Russell at her home in Sarasota, Florida along with her partner Nicki and their friend Neia.  While I won’t go into her credentials, I know I can trust her to make the right decisions regarding my health.  She has been put in my life for a reason and I have full faith she will lead the way holistically through food as medicine.The day started off with the understanding of why I went the route of going through Western Medicine.  Even though statistical analysis proves that we spend more medicine, we are also one of the most unhealthiest nations in the world.  I learned today it has everything to do with how Western Medicine treats only the symptoms.  For the Pharmaceuticals there is no money in curing.  But there are billions to be made in keeping people medicated.Next was the importance of probiotics.  They’re basically “good bacteria” that helps the lining of your intestines and heals the cells so they can absorb nutrition.  Without probiotics, the nutrients mostly just flush away.

Then I learned all about alkaline & correct Ph in the stomach.  From a range of 1 to 14, your stomach acids should remain at an alkaline level of 7.  Eating meats can really throw off Ph because of how hard / long it takes to digest.  Vegetables / fruits and other raw foods are assimilated much quicker and heal the body.

I also learned why raw food is better than cooked.  It turns out that vegetables are alive with nutrients.  When you cook them past 118 degrees, they die.  What you’re mainly left with is lots of fiber.  In order to get the maximum potential of a vegetable, you need to make it uncooked (at the very least cooked under 118 degrees) and blend it together with other fruits.  It allows you to consume the most amount of food and assimilate in the body the quickest.

In regards to treating A.S., I learned on Wednesday 1/11 how the “no starch diet” or NSD rids my body of a nasty bacteria and doesn’t cause my inflammation to happen with my autoimmune system.  I find that Bob Connors explains the cause and solution quite well:  It’s a major breakthrough that lead me onto a wonderful support group / forum:

Since November of 2011 I have been going to Jubilee Chiropractic:  They treat sublixation (misalignment of the spine) and correct the white tissue in my body.  I took a recent picture of me on a Segway last weekend and compared it to my posture in early 2010.  I’ve shown it to a few people and they’ve agreed that it’s quite a significant change.  Besides the visual change (and not fighting gravity), alignment of the spine allows your neurotransmitters (think of them like pipes) to communicate how they normally should (nothing blocking the open pipe).  With a misaligned spine, it compresses disks and cuts off that circulation.  Today I’ve completed my 1st month of home rehab (20 minutes with head weights and 40 minutes with the Denny Roll).  In combination with a raw food food and low / no starch diet, and you’re well on your way to 100% health.