Today was weird;  I have the knowledge, but I don’t have the meal plan from Jamie.  Because I don’t have the plan, I modified my eating habits with what I think could get me by the day.  After having Jamie’s smoothy from yesterday, eggs and fruit are not going to cut it for me in the morning.  By time I was in the middle of church service (around 11:15) I was starving.  I didn’t end up eating until 1pm and I wanted to eat anything I could get my hands on.  Luckily I was in a “safe house” – I went to Neia’s house where she made me a salad with what I thought wouldn’t have any starches / low starches.  It worked + I had some Ezekial bread with almond butter (pure ground up, not from store).  However, it only lasted for 2 hours.  Some more walnuts & 1 ½ hours after that, Neia made a vegetable smoothy that was bought through local farmers & organic.  It worked and I was able to continue on another few hours but my mind had to “chew” on something.  Since I’m not “officially” in the program, I ended up going to Applebees and eating tilapia (fish) with steamed broccoli.  It comes with rice, but I told them not to add it – they did anyways.  I have a feeling I’m going to have to deal with this type of issue the rest of my life.

I’m suspecting the next few days are like this:

Monday – Meet with Julie, find out over lunch which farmers are USDA organic.  She used to sell crops locally.  After that, make a run to Costco & build up on ingredients Jamie might request.  All organic of course.  I’m not here to detox on vegetables that only have 40% or less of their nutrition value.  I’m also thinking I’ll get the 21 day meal plan from Jamie.

Tuesday – Bethany Tait has a raw foods class in the evening.  I’ll add all the USDA Organic + non-vegetable material (Himilayan Sea Salt, HCL, Good Belly, etc.).

Wednesday – There’s a farmer’s market nearby me that a local church makes.  I’m hoping to spot some USDA Organic food here locally grown.  If this market doesn’t turn out, I’ll have to wait the weekend for the “good stuff” at the farmer’s market on Vanderbilt beach road.